Sew Happy (1-4)


Teacher: Sew Happy

Grades: 1-4

Class Size: 14

Schedule: Thursday

Another new project from Sew Happy! Kids will enjoy sewing this adorable stuffed dachshund with floppy ears and a cheeky tongue. Students who take this class will learn the basics of sewing including measuring floss, separating the floss, threading a needle and tying a knot.

Fine motor skills are used to cut fabric, match pieces together and follow pre-printed stitch lines. Each week there are set tasks to complete which are broken down in to manageable steps, thus boosting the child’s ego upon completion.

This project uses straight stitch and whip stitch and we have extra options for students who are ready for a more challenging project. Students are required to sew buttons in this class and this will provide them with a wonderful life skill which will be useful for the rest of their lives!

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