Aviation- 3-5


Teacher: Hobby Quest

Grades: 3-5

Class Size: 16

Schedule: Friday

Get into the cockpit and fly this fall with Hobby Quest’s Airplanes – Pilots! This year we are back with all new high flying models! The Helicobra V2 is a super high flying rubber band powered helicopter that will shoot for the stars! Is it a plane? Or is it the Iron Bird! This plane is designed after the Da Vinci model and will flap its bird like wings and take off! When you’re ready to fly as far as a football field, we’ll build the electric Seagull, a battery powered plane that will fly super far and long! Of course that’s just the beginning, this fall will be jam packed with tons of learning, building and flying fun! Have a seat and prepare for takeoff, make Airplanes – Pilots your next adventure!

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