Welcome to Bronxville Chess Club!

Current semester ends on Friday, January 26th

Spring Schedule Start Dates

Elementary School: Monday, February 5th

Middle School: Monday, January 29th


Our chess program includes over 150 Elementary School, Middle School and High School students who meet weekly to learn and play chess during lunchtime (ES) and after school (MS and HS).


Children also participate in local tournaments and each spring, a group of dedicated players from the Bronxville Chess Club travels to the National Elementary Championship sponsored by the U.S. Chess Federation. In early February we host our own tournament in Bronxville.


Chess classes are held during lunchtime/recess. Children bring a packed lunch rather than purchasing lunch in the cafeteria on chess days. Going to the cafeteria is disruptive and causes children to miss a better part of the chess class.


Children in grades 3-5 with tournament experience and interest in participating in more tournaments should consider registering for Tournament Chess and for those players who decide to travel to the National Elementary Championship we will provide and/or organize additional training.


Chess Club is a great opportunity for children to develop some well-known benefits of playing the game: foresight, decision making, problem solving, and resilience.


Registration will begin on: Monday, January 8th


We are looking forward to another great year! Please email the Chess Club if you have any questions – bxvchess@gmail.com



First Graders  – Monday

Second Graders – Thursday

Grades 3-5 meet – Friday




Parent Volunteers:

We rely on parents to help run the chess classes during hectic lunch hours. Parents will receive a link to a sign-up sheet via e-mail to volunteer to be a helper during chess class. The responsibilities of the parent volunteers are to (1) take attendance; (2) help the chess instructor maintain order in the class; (3) make sure that the room is cleared of food and in good condition at the end of class; (4) escort children between their classroom and the chess class and (5) communicate back to us disruptive behavior or other concerns. Thank you in advance with helping out with this important role.




Chess Club Registration

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
Chess Club- 1st Grade

Middle School Chess Club- Grades 6-8


Chess Club- 2nd Grade Chess Club- Grades 3/4/5
Tournament Chess- Grades 4/5