1. The registration process requires that each family fill out only one BASC Information/Consent Form for the academic year.  You will be required to acknowledge and agree to a statement of consent online. 
  2. Enrollment in some courses is strictly limited to ensure a positive experience and/or for safety. If a course is completely filled up, later registrants will not be accepted.
  3. BASC must have a minimum number of students enrolled in order to run each club. This minimum number varies depending on the club. BASC may have to cancel a club due to insufficient enrollment. In the event a club you registered for is canceled, you will be offered an alternative or a refund.
  4. BASC maximum enrollment will be strictly observed and is on a first come basis unless otherwise noted.
  5. Please make your selections carefully as there are no refunds once clubs have commenced. Students may only join or move between clubs during the first week of the semester AND with the approval of both the club instructor as well as BASC directors.
  6. After dismissal at 2:50 pm, all students involved in BASC will meet in the middle school/high school cafeteria. In the beginning of each BASC semester, first grade students will be picked up at their classroom and escorted to the cafeteria. for the first two weeks of clubs. Parents are welcome to accompany their children to the cafeteria during the first two weeks of club meetings. Attendance will be taken and a PEANUT AND NUT FREE snack and beverage will be provided. Please do not send your child with an additional snack or money, as they will not be permitted to use the vending machines. At 3:00, club instructors will pick up the children from the cafeteria.
  7. Please note that Elementary School students in grades 1, 2, and 3 will not be released directly from clubs unattended in the school building. At the end of the club, Instructors will bring 1st-3rd grade children to the ES CANOPY. 4th and 5th Grade Students only will be released from their class rooms and permitted to walk home if the parent has sent written permission that they may do so. PROMPT PICK UP IS ESSENTIAL TO THE SAFE OPERATION OF OUR PROGRAM.  
  8. Excessive late pick up is grounds for exclusion from BASC participation
  9. You must send a note if your child is going to be picked up by someone other than those listed on your registration form. It is imperative that babysitters and an emergency contact number be listed on your registration form.
  10. If your child is in school but will not be attending BASC that day, please call Matt Fisher at 395-0500 extension 1246 and leave a message or email Bronxvillebasc@gmail.com and mfisher@bronxvilleschool.org.
  11. In the event an instructor is unable to teach on the day of the club, clubs will not be canceled. A substitute will be assigned. If the school is closed for any emergency situation, such as inclement weather, all BASC clubs will be canceled for that day.
  12. All clubs will be held on Parent-Teacher Conference Days. On those days, students will be dismissed at 11:35 for Parent-Teacher conferences. Students enrolled in clubs on those days can return to the high school cafeteria at 2:50 for snack, attendance and their club and be picked up at the usual time, 4:00 pm. 
  13. To best accommodate both students and teachers, we have the following discipline policy: If a child is reprimanded or disciplined by a teacher, he or she will have two opportunities to improve his or her behavior. After the third occurrence, the child will be asked to leave the club. No refunds will be made in such situations.
  14. The Bronxville PTA has a limited number of need-based scholarships available for BASC clubs.. Scholarships may be granted for one Homework Club and one general club per child.  If the student is in 1st or 2nd grade a sports club may be substituted for a Homework Club. Parents requesting a scholarship should register for the clubs in order to hold their spot and provide all consent/emergency information. Once registered the parents should contact Matt Fisher (mfisher@bronxvilleschool.org) with your request. As soon as the request is approved a refund for the cost of the clubs will be issued promptly. Information about scholarships awarded will remain strictly confidential.